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Interview: A minute with Theodora Raftis

quotation markCM: Where do you live? TR: I live in the beautiful city of Vienna in Austria, where I have incredible friends. CM: Best childhood memory? TR: A game with my father… Read More

CYPRUS MAIL | 15 sep 2019
Cyprus Mail 2019 website


Cyprus debut for internationally acclaimed Cypriot soprano Theodora Raftis

quotation markTheodora Raftis, who will soon make her Cyprus debut, won 3rd Prize in the Cesti International Singing Competition. The Cypriot coloratura soprano was awarded two prizes in international competitions in 2019. Read More


Politis Newspaper 2019


Interview with Coda 

quotation markTheodora is interviewed by Coda, the stage discussion series of the Liszt Academy Concert Centre in Budapest (Hungary). During the discussion, Theodora talks about the programme of her recent recital ‘Mediterranean Songs’, as well as her career and relationship with the Liszt Academy. Read More

coda | Endre Tóth | 27 feb 2019

Coda interview - budapest


Silence, Faithless

quotation markShe drives the gender clichés as well as the plot: Despina (Theodora Raftis) the housemaid of Don Alfonso, has quite a lot to say about love and faithfulness and she can ‘almost resurrect’ dead people. 

süddeutsche zeitung | RICARDA HILLERMANN | 23 Aug 2018



Musical Comedies

quotation markMozart / Salieri – Hoping that this delightful and unpretentious production will be repeated.


opera magazine article


Opera Fuoco – New Troupe 2017

quotation markYoung talents. The 12 new singers of Opera Fuoco. The lyric company created in 2003, and since directed by the conductor David Stern has just announced its new promotion of young vocal talents for 2017. Read More

Classique NEWS | Alban Deags | 22 Mar 2017

Classique News Feature


Interview with Hellenic TV

quotation markTheodora gives an exclusive interview on the television programme ‘Faces’ / «Πρόσωπα» on Hellenic TV, the London-based Greek Language Television Channel.

Hellenic TV | VASILIS PANAYI | 19 Mar 2017

Hellenic TV best screenshot


Nominated Singer of the Year by Madame Figaro

quotation markThe well-known magazine Madame Figaro nominates Theodora as Singer of the Year at the ‘Women of the Year Awards 2016’ in Cyprus; in recognition of her representation of Cyprus at international singing competitions during the year 2016. Read More

Madame Figaro 1 Dec 2016

Theodora Raftis - Madame Figaro Nominee


Interview with MTVA Television

quotation markTheodora is interviewed on a Hungarian television documentary aired on Channel M5 of MTVA. The documentary also captures backstage moments of the Finalists in the Éva Marton International Singing Competition 2016.

MTVA Television | 26 Oct 2016

MTVA Interview Hungary


Interview with Figaro

quotation markInitially, my parents thought that it was natural for a child to have a beautiful voice and to sing before it could talk.’ But in time it appeared that one of the biggest talents in Cyprus was emerging. Read More

Figaro | Fanni Eckhardt | 1 May 2016

Figaro Magazine Page 16


Interview: “I do not want to waste this treasure”

quotation markCypriot soprano, Theodora Raftis, talks about her vast musical experience which led to her career as a classical singer, which forms the basis of her profession even today. Read More

PlayLiszt | Fanni Eckhardt | 30 Apr 2016

Playliszt Feature 2


Interview: A personal secret

quotation markInternational student, Theodora Raftis, tells us why the Franz Liszt Academy of Music and the musical life of Budapest are so attractive. Read More

Népszabadság | ADRIENN CSEPELYI | 5 Apr 2016


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