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Atamira (L’empio punito) with Innsbruck Festival of Early Music

quotation markIn return, wonderful vocal passages reconciled, of which especially those of Theodora Raftis as Atamira stood out. With all the other light-footedness, the sometimes ludicrous costumes and the omnipresent lasciviousness of the scenes, her singing touched deeply. This opinion was shared by the audience and they gave her some euphoric shouts of bravo in the final applause.

APA (Austrian Press Agency) | 22 Aug 2020


quotation markLast year, soprano Theodora Raftis won third prize in the Festival’s Cesti Competition, making a notable impression with her wonderful coloratura and imaginative embellishments. Although her role as Atamira did not allow for such a florid vocal display, it did provide further evidence of her talent, in which she demonstrated her ability to draw out the emotional depths of her character.

In her aria, ‘Care selve, onor del monte’, she laments the loss of Acrimante who is fleeing from her, and for whom she is searching, her subtle ornamentations and light coloratura delicately capturing Atamira’s pain. Raftis’ voice has an endearing timbre, it is strong, versatile and moves with ease between the registers, which was exemplified in her final aria, ‘Tormenti, che fate?’

OPERAWIRe | Alan Neilson | 2 sep 2020


quotation markSoprano Theodora Raftis (Atamira) has the talent to combine lyrical elegance and refinement with tragic-comic elements.

Münchner Merkur | Markus Thiel | 24 aug 2020


quotation markWe also very much appreciated the duet with Atamira which follows (Unir non si può!), which was performed brilliantly. Like Mozart’s Elvira, the Atamira by soprano Theodora Raftis is full of nobility and dedication. Her distress as an abandoned wife was expressed with infinite grace and delicacy in her first aria (Piangete occhi, piangete), which earned her a generous applause. 

BAROQUIADES | Bruno Maury | 10 Sep 2020


quotation markAnd especially the superior soprano Theodora Raftis as Acrimante’s (ex-) wife Atamira, made the strongest impression,…

Die Presse | Walter Weidringer | 23 aug 2020


quotation markWith a wonderfully theatrical lament, Theodora Raftis as the abandoned Atamira (Elvira) complained to all imaginable gods of her long-term suffering.

Schwäbische KULTUR | WERNER MÜLLER-GRIMMEL | 25 aug 2020


quotation markThe culminating moment of the evening was the sublime and moving duo of Acrimante [mezzo-soprano Anna Hybiner] and Atamira (soprano Theodora Raftis) ‘Se d’amor la cruda sfinge’.

MUSICAL MOVEMENT | Leszek Bernat | 28 sep 2020


Despina (Così fan tutte) with Kammeroper München, Munich

quotation markThe overly-cheeky Despina by Theodora Raftis, driven into caricature by the director, singing brilliantly.

Süddeutsche Zeitung | Klaus Kalchschmid | 4 Dec 2019


Interview: A minute with Theodora Raftis

quotation markCM: Where do you live? TR: I live in the beautiful city of Vienna in Austria, where I have incredible friends. CM: Best childhood memory? TR: A game with my father… Read more

CYPRUS MAIL | CYPRUS | 15 sep 2019
Cyprus Mail 2019 website


Cesti International Singing Competition for Baroque Opera 2019

quotation markThe third prize is going to a wonderful singer, a soprano, who has charmed us all. She not only has the voice and the personality, but she has a very special way of communicating with the audience, and even with the shortest possible aria, she can enchant the audience. The name of this soprano is Theodora Raftis. 

Zürich opera house | Michael Fichtenholz (opera director) | 8 Aug 2019


quotation markAlso, the third prize to the soprano Theodora Raftis from Cyprus was well chosen. Her voice has a very special sound, her technique is fabulous, sometimes one thinks of a few Orientalisms or, better, we can hear traditionalisms, which makes her voice even more interesting.

KLASSIKINFO.DE | robert Jungwirth | aug 2019


quotation markThe third prize goes to soprano Theodora Raftis from Cyprus. She also convinces with agile coloraturas and fantastic runs in the aria of Laodice from Handel’s Siroe. In the second part she performs a very short piece from Melani’s L’empio punito with great wit…

Online musik magazin | Thomas Molke | aug 2019


quotation markThird position for the Cypriot soprano Theodora Raftis, an agile and skilled voice in colorature. 

BELLININEWS | Riccardo Cenci | 1 Sep 2019


quotation markThe presence on the podium of the exquisite Cypriot Theodora Raftis is also justified.

BaroquiadeS | Jacques Duffourg | 24 Aug 2019


quotation markThird was an engaging soprano from Cyprus, Theodora Raftis, singing with animated brio ‘Torrente cresciuto’ from Handel’s Siroe.

Opera con Brio | Richard B. Beams | Aug 2019


Bach’s B minor Mass (BWV232) at Leipzig Bachfest

quotation mark… very promising young singers, Theodora Raftis and Andrés Agudelo, both perfect in technical ease.

CLASSIQUE NEWS | Florent Coudeyrat | 26 Jun 2019


Bach’s St. Matthew Passion (BWV244) in the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles

quotation markSopranos Teresa Wakim and Theodora Raftis intoned with the nimble and docile timbre of birds… Theodora Raftis embodied the elevation of the female perspective as conceptualized by Bach. One of her arias, ‘Blute nur’,… set in a winding melody, called for subito word coloring from the vocalist.   

PICTURE THIS POST | Solène Le Van | 3 may 2019


quotation markSopranos Teresa Wakim and Theodora Raftis could be sweetly lithe when desired and deadly serious when required.



Bach’s St. Matthew Passion (BWV244) at Musikverein Vienna

quotation markAmong the other soloists Theodora Raftis, Zachary Wilder and Christoph Filler, pleased the audience the most, inspired by the characteristic colours of the Orchester Wiener Akademie. 

DIE PRESSE | Walter Weidringer | 10 Apr 2019


Interview with Coda 

quotation markTheodora is interviewed by Coda, the stage discussion series of the Liszt Academy Concert Centre in Budapest (Hungary). During the discussion, Theodora talks about the programme of her recent recital ‘Mediterranean Songs’, as well as her career and relationship with the Liszt Academy.

coda | HUNGARY | 27 feb 2019

Coda interview - budapest


Bach’s B minor Mass (BWV232) at Philharmonie de Paris

quotation markThe Cypriot soprano Theodora Raftis, seduces in a voice that is fresh and fruity, soft in timbre, very agile and undulates cheerfully in the clear high notes.

OLRYX | Nicolas Mathieu | 27 Jan 2019


Despina (Così fan tutte) with Kammeroper München, Munich

quotation markWith her great talent for acting, Theodora Raftis creates a Despina on stage who creeps into everyone’s heart as a clown-lady with a mixture of slapstick and eroticism.

Süddeutsche Zeitung | EKATERINA KEL | 24 AUG 2018


Despina (Così fan tutte) at Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna

quotation markThe lively, highly versatile, eloquently articulating Cypriot coloratura soprano Theodora Raftis and the confidently composed Serbian bassist Stefan Hadžić, dominated the rest of the cast at the acclaimed premiere.



quotation markAs Despina, the Cypriot soprano Theodora Raftis displays a mixture of temperaments. She delights with her fresh voice, bubbling coloratura and a multi-faceted representation of ‘Despina’, ‘chambermaid’ and experienced ‘housekeeper’ in matters of love and faithfulness. The usual doctor-disguise transforms her into a ‘goddess in white’ with serious glasses, a miracle doctor, who ‘heals’ the disguised lovers of fake poison suicide with a drill-like device from the hardware store (instead of the usual magnet). Theodora radiates eccentric playfulness and Mediterranean temperament. After all, the opera is set in Naples.



quotation markThe Cypriot coloratura soprano Theodora Raftis effortlessly mastered the role of Despina.



London Festival of Baroque Music

quotation markThe star of the concert was the young Cypriot soprano, Theodora Raftis, her rich, focused and unforced voice coping well with the intricate ornaments so typical of French Baroque music.

EARLY MUSIC REVIEWS | Andrew Benson-Wilson | 17 MAY 2018


Mozart vs Salieri with Opera Fuoco, Paris

quotation markTheodora Raftis is a soprano with a career already well underway, and this was verified with her vocal ability and dazzling presence.

CONCERT CLASSIC.COM | Pierre-René Serna | 30 Mar 2018


quotation markThe role of Mademoiselle Silberklang is portrayed here with intelligence and probity by Theodora Raftis who has a skilled vocal technique, even though her soprano voice is light. Accordingly, in the second opera, she is perfect as Tonina.

OPERA MAGAZINE | Thierry Guyenne | 1 May 2018


quotation markThere is a need for the interpreters to be both excellent singers and actors, capable of changing role instantly, from tragic to comic, and vice versa. The success of the production was in attendance, the orchestra under David Stern and, to name but a few, the sopranos Dania El Zein, Axelle Fanyo and Theodora Raftis, particularly the latter two, who were wholeheartedly overwhelming in Salieri.

MUSIKZEN | Marc Vignal | 30 Mar 2018


quotation markTheodora Raftis sings the role of Mademoiselle Silberklang with a well-established voice, and with an almost tough mode of expression. Her clear tone is maintained in the confident high notes as well as in the vocalizing parts. In Tonina she becomes more lyrical, taking on a fast flow and a more unrestrained theatrical role.

OLRYX | Damien Dutilleul | 4 Apr 2018


Ermione (Oreste) at Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna

quotation markTheodora Raftis, in the role of Ermione, shines with her bright soprano voice.

Kultur und wien MAGAZINE | 30 JAN 2018


Bach’s Der zufriedengestellte Aeolus (BWV205) at the Liszt Academy, Budapest

quotation markTheodora Raftis stood out by far from the four vocal soloists.



quotation markIt is very important in a piece such as Bach’s Der zufriedengestellte Aeolus that it should not simply be sung, but must be portrayed, acted out and must include a certain theatricality in the interpretation of each phrase; and soprano Theodora Raftis, who performed the role of Pallas (Athene), knew exactly how to accomplish this and was perfectly capable in fulfilling this theatricality in her performance.

Bartók Rádió | Kristóf Csengery | 4 oct 2017


Interview with Hellenic TV

quotation markTheodora joins Vasilis Panayi for an exclusive interview on the television programme ‘Faces’ / «Πρόσωπα» on Hellenic TV, the London-based Greek Language Television Channel.

Hellenic TV | London | 19 Mar 2017

Hellenic TV best screenshot


Nominated Singer of the Year by Madame Figaro

quotation markThe well-known magazine Madame Figaro nominates Theodora as Singer of the Year at the ‘Women of the Year Awards 2016’ in Cyprus; in recognition of her representation of Cyprus at international singing competitions during the year 2016. Read more

Madame Figaro Magazine | Cyprus | 1 Dec 2016

Theodora Raftis - Madame Figaro Nominee


Interview with MTVA Television

quotation markTheodora is interviewed on a Hungarian television documentary aired on Channel M5 of MTVA. The documentary also captures backstage moments of the Finalists in the Éva Marton International Singing Competition 2016.

MTVA Television | Hungary | 26 Oct 2016

MTVA Interview Hungary


Interview: One of the biggest talents in Cyprus

quotation markInitially, my parents thought that it was natural for a child to have a beautiful voice and to sing before it could talk.’ But in time it appeared that one of the biggest talents in Cyprus was emerging. Read more

Figaro Magazine | Hungary | 1 May 2016

Figaro Magazine Page 16


Interview: “I do not want to waste this treasure”

quotation markCypriot soprano, Theodora Raftis, talks about her vast musical experience which led to her career as a classical singer, which forms the basis of her profession even today. Read more

PlayLiszt | Hungary | 30 Apr 2016

Playliszt Feature 2


Budapest Spring Festival

quotation markAs La Filosofia, Theodora Raftis sings with mind-blowing temperament. I have been waiting for her appearance since the Così fan tutte concert, and I regret that she doesn’t have a longer role.

MEZEI NEZO | Z. Makk | 28 apr 2016


quotation markAs La Filosofia and Creonte, soprano Theodora Raftis and baritone Attila Erdös respectively, shone vocally and dramatically in their characters as the Queen’s advisors.

BACHTRACK | Alexandra Ivanoff | 19 Apr 2016


quotation markA praise-worthy performance by Theodora Raftis in the role of La Filosofia.

REVIZOR | Janos Malina | 19 APR 2016


Interview: A personal secret

quotation markInternational student, Theodora Raftis, tells us why the Franz Liszt Academy of Music and the musical life of Budapest are so attractive. Read more

Népszabadság Newspaper | Hungary | 5 Apr 2016



Despina (Così fan tutte) at the Liszt Academy, Budapest

quotation markTheodora Raftis, who sang Despina, humoured us with her playful and energetic spirit… As I remember, I liked all of the Despinas I saw in the Hungarian State Opera House… Although, compared to them I would venture that the performance of Theodora was even slightly better. Her dynamic performance captivated us and we could sense her truthfulness and she made us believe that her philosophy of life is the overall philosophy ‘Let us love for our convenience and for vanity’. At the end of the performance, hearing the tremendous applause that was addressed at her, I was sure that I was not alone in my opinion. Without a doubt, she is a talented actress and comedian.

MEZEI NEZO | Z. Makk | 9 FEB 2016


Theodora (Theodora) at the Liszt Academy, Budapest

quotation markTheodora Raftis, who sang the title role of Theodora, brought her character to life in a way that rivalled her fellow singers’ performance. She knows everything about singing, even things which cannot be taught, and has almost acquired all the skills necessary in this profession. Her soprano voice is crystal clear, light and flexible. It is possible that with further study her voice can acquire even more depth and colours. But this is insignificant because she completely enchants audiences with her captivating personality and ultimately, she makes everything else around her seem secondary. Furthermore, in her first aria she impressed us with her precision, the degree of detailed ornamentation and perfection during her dialogue with the violins. Just before the end of the first half of the concert, Theodora sang the aria ‘Angels, Ever Bright and Fair’ with sublime beauty that left a shiver in the audience due to her authenticity and sadness, so much so that her performance drew attention to its rarely heard perfection and elegance.

REVIZOR | Janos Malina | 20 APR 2015


Anne Egerman (A Little Night Music) at the Crescent Theatre

quotation markAs Anne, Theodora Raftis, sweet, bright soprano was spot-on.

BIRMINGHAM POST | Richard Bratby | 25 JUN 2014


V. William’s Pastoral Symphony

quotation markThe symphony’s emotional intensity culminates in the wordless soprano cantilena, beautifully sung by Theodora Raftis. With full-bodied yet gentle voice, her elegy travelled along the pews with great ease.

BACHTRACK | Hedy Mühleck | 16 JUN 2014


Orff’s Carmina Burana at De Montfort Hall

quotation markTheodora Raftis’ stratospheric high notes were beautifully sung with great clarity and poise.


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