9 Feb 2016

Review from Mezei Nezo

Theodora is grateful to Z. Makk from Mezei Nezo for this exceptional review of her recent performance of Despina (Così fan tutte).

quotation markTheodora Raftis, who sang Despina, humoured us with her playful and energetic spirit. As I remember, I liked all of the Despinas I saw in the Hungarian State Opera House. Although, compared to them I would venture that the performance of Theodora was even slightly better. Her dynamic performance captivated us and we could sense her truthfulness and she made us believe that her philosophy of life is the overall philosophy, ‘Let us love for our convenience and for vanity’ . At the end of the performance, hearing the tremendous applause that was addressed at her, I was sure that I was not alone in my opinion. No doubt, she is a very talented actress and comedian.


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