20 Apr 2015

Review from Revizor Kritikai Portal

Theodora is grateful to Janos Malinas from Revizor Kritikai Portal, for this excellent review of her recent performance of the title role of Händel’s Theodora.

quotation markTheodora Raftis, who sang the title role of Theodora, brought her character to life in a way that rivalled her fellow singers’ performance. She knows everything about singing, even things which cannot be taught, and has almost acquired all the skills necessary in this profession. Her soprano voice is crystal clear, light and flexible. It is possible that with further study her voice can acquire even more depth and colours. But this is insignificant because she completely enchants audiences with her captivating personality and ultimately, she makes everything else around her seem secondary. Furthermore, in her first aria she impressed us with her precision, the degree of detailed ornamentation and perfection during her dialogue with the violins. Just before the end of the first half of the concert, Theodora sang the aria ‘Angels, Ever Bright and Fair’ with sublime beauty that left a shiver in the audience due to her authenticity and sadness. Her performance even diverted attention from the perfect execution of musical phrases, which were accomplished with elegance, rarely present at classical music concerts.


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