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Feature | 23 Aug 2018

Silence, Faithless

quotation markShe drives the gender clichés as well as the plot: Despina (Theodora Raftis) the housemaid of Don Alfonso, has quite a lot to say about love and faithfulness and she can “almost resurrect” dead people. Read more

süddeutsche zeitung newspaper | Germany


FEATURE | 1 MAY 2018

Musical Comedies

quotation markMozart vs Salieri – Hoping that this delightful and unpretentious production will be repeated…


opera magazine article

FEATURE | 22 Mar 2017

Opera Fuoco – New Troupe 2017

quotation markYoung talents. The 12 new singers of the Opera Fuoco opera company… Read more

Classique News | France

Classique News Feature

FEATURE | 19 Mar 2017

Interview with Hellenic TV

quotation markTheodora joins Vasilis Panayi for an exclusive interview on the television programme entitled ‘Faces’ / «Πρόσωπα» on Hellenic TV, the London-based Greek Language Television Channel.

Hellenic TV | London

Hellenic TV best screenshot

FEATURE | 4 Mar 2017

Cypriot Soprano in London

quotation markCypriot soprano Theodora Raftis will be in London this month… Read more

Parikiaki Newspaper | London

parikiaki newspaper - Mar 2017

FEATURE | 1 Dec 2016

Nominated Singer of the Year

quotation markThe well-known magazine Madame Figaro nominates Theodora as ‘Singer of the Year’ at the ‘Women of the Year Awards 2016’ in Cyprus; in recognition of her representation of Cyprus at international singing competitions during the year 2016. Read more

Madame Figaro Magazine | Cyprus

Theodora Raftis - Madame Figaro Nominee

FEATURE | 26 Oct 2016

Interview with MTVA Television

quotation markTheodora is interviewed on a Hungarian television documentary aired on Channel M5 of MTVA. The documentary also captures backstage moments of the Finalists in the Éva Marton International Singing Competition 2016.

MTVA Television | Hungary

MTVA Interview Hungary

FEATURE | 1 May 2016

Interview: One of the biggest talents in Cyprus

quotation mark“Initially, my parents thought that it was natural for a child to have a beautiful voice and to sing before it could talk.” But in time it appeared that one of the biggest talents in Cyprus was emerging… Read more

Figaro Magazine | Hungary

Figaro Magazine Page 16

FEATURE | 30 Apr 2016

Interview: “I do not want to waste this treasure”

quotation markCypriot soprano, Theodora Raftis, talks about her vast musical experience which led to her career as a classical singer, which forms the basis of her profession even today… Read more

PlayLiszt | Hungary

Playliszt Feature 2

FEATURE | 5 Apr 2016

Interview: A personal secret

quotation markInternational student, Theodora Raftis, tells us why the Franz Liszt Academy of Music and the musical life of Budapest are so attractive… Read more

Népszabadság Newspaper | Hungary


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